Release datum: All That You Can't Leave Behind Oktober 2000


Produced by: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno.
Additional production: Steve Lillywhite, Mike Hedges, Richard Stannard and Julian Gallagher,
Engineered by: Richard Rainey.
Assisted by: Chris Heaney,
Mixed by: Richard Rainey, Tim Palmer, Mike Hedges, Richard Stannard and Julian Gallagher, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Steve Fitzmaurice, Mixing Assited by: Chris Heaney, Alvin Sweeney, Jay Goin.
Additional Enginneering: Tim Palmer, Stephen Harris, Ger McDonnell, Mark Howard, Alex Haas, Additional Enginneering, Assisted by: Keith McDonnel, Stephen Harris.
Recorded at HQ, Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Westland Studios and Totally Wired in Dublin, and South of France.
Studio Crew: Studio Manager/Drum Tech: Sam O'Sullivan. Studio tech: Rab McAllister. Guitar tech: Fraser McAlister. Mastered by Annie Acosta at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles. Audio Post Production Manager and Technical Guru: Cheryl Engels at Partial Productions Inc.Catering by: Nude, Sandy Jameson, Shiela Steward, Cathy Addis, Gerry Quinn, The Tea Room.
Music:U2. Lyrics: Bono and the Edge except trk 12 Lyrics by Salman Rushdie.