Release datum: The Joshua Tree Maart 1987


Produced by: Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois.
Mixed by: Steve Lillywhite. Recorded by: Flood.
Additional Engineering: Dave Meegan with Pat McCarthy.
Mix Engineered by: Mark Wallace.
Assisted by: Mary Kettle.
Words: Bono. Backing vocals: The Edge, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois. DX7 Programmes and Keyboards: Brian Eno. Tambourine / Omnichord / Additional Rhythm Guitar: Daniel Lanois. Harmonica: Bono.
One Tree Hill - Radd Strings: Recorded by Bob Doidge.
Played by the Armin Family. Red Hill Mining Town - the Arklow Silver Band.
Red Hill Mining Town - Brass Arranged and Conducted by Paul Barrett.